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                Handmade Candy Canes

                Handmade Candy Canes
                Handmade Candy Canes

                Made the same way since 1933

                Our gourmet candy canes come in standard sizes:

                • 5 1/2" Canes $2.25
                • 7" Canes       $4.95
                • 9" Canes       $6.95
                • 12" Canes     $10.50 & up

                All sizes come in these flavors:

                • Peppermint (red & white)
                • Cinnamon (red, green & white)
                • Hannah (peppermint; burgundy & white)
                • Cherry (burgundy, green & white)
                • Root Beer (brown, orange & yellow), available in small size only

                Our candy canes range in size from 6" to 6' (yup, feet)

                Jumbo Candy CanesCandy Cane Sizes